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Exhaust System

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Buy your new motorbike exhaust at MOTEA

The best way to buy a suitable motorbike exhaust is to save your bike in your MOTEA account. Simply select your model and only the products that fit your bike will be displayed. You are guaranteed to find the right motorbike exhaust or rear silencer, also known as a muffler, in our range.

The components of the motorbike exhaust system

A motorbike exhaust system not only includes the visible tailpipe, but also numerous other components. The exhaust gases are filtered via a complex system and released into the environment. The exhaust system can include the following parts:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • catalytic converter
  • Front silencer
  • Centre silencer
  • Rear silencer (muffler)
  • Tailpipe

Legally compliant installation of a motorbike exhaust

If you want to replace your exhaust in order to improve or personalise your motorbike, you must observe a number of regulations. The motorbike exhaust must have an ABE or ECE test number. Otherwise, the exhaust must be tested separately by the TÜV. You should always carry the ABE with you if you have replaced or modified your motorbike exhaust. The ECE number, on the other hand, is stamped into the exhaust. This means you do not need to carry any additional documents and can install it without hesitation. If no ABE or ECE is possible, the exhaust system can be registered on the motorbike by individual approval. You can do this at the TÜV, for example. The performance and noise level of your bike are usually measured there.

It can happen that a motorbike exhaust becomes louder over time. This is normal wear and tear. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the volume of your exhaust does not exceed the legal limits. The same applies to your bike's pollutant levels. We recommend that you check this at regular intervals. If in doubt, it is best to replace your old exhaust with a new one to avoid any nasty surprises at the MOT. In our online shop, you will find motorbike sports exhausts as well as universal exhausts with an E number, for example.

Motorbike exhaust: It's all about the right sound

A motorbike exhaust is basically designed to counteract the volume. However, depending on the motorbike silencer or exhaust, the performance of the bike may be reduced at the same time. Many bikers therefore opt for a motorbike sports exhaust or install a different rear silencer. This can improve the performance of the motorbike again.

A motorbike exhaust doesn't just have an effect on performance. The look of your motorbike's exhaust or rear silencer can also play a decisive role. Motorcyclists often don't like the standard motorbike rear silencers in particular. They are too bulky and the sound of the exhaust is booming. No wonder that more and more motorcyclists are customising their bike with a new universal motorbike exhaust. The same applies to the headlights and the fairing of the motorbike.

Wrapping the exhaust manifold and customising your bike

The motorbike manifold diverts the exhaust gases from the cylinders and brings them together before the first catalytic converter. It is one of the parts that can usually be seen directly on the motorbike. No wonder that wrapping the exhaust manifold with heat protection tape has now established itself as a visual "tuning measure". Apart from the visual aspect, the heat protection tape also has technical advantages. The tape acts like an insulating layer and protects not only the engine but also the driver in the event of accidental contact. In addition, a heat protection tape on the motorbike manifold promotes the removal of combustion residues and therefore also has environmental benefits.