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Motorbike Air cushion Tourtecs Air ML Comfort seat cushion in black

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  • Motorcycle Air Cushion ML
  • Made of polyurethane
  • 4 cm seat height
  • Perfect for longer trips
  • Equal weight distribution
  • Anti-slip fabric on underside
  • Fits driver and passenger seat
  • Variable air inflation
  • Reduces body heat and moisture build-up
  • Absorbs vibration and shock
  • Measurement (LxWxH): 38.5 x 36.5 x 4 cm

The motorcycle air cushion Air ML from Tourtecs

Anyone who has ever sat on a motorcycle for a long time knows that sitting comfort usually decreases with every kilometre you cover. Strong vibrations and punctual pressure make the body slowly exhausted and start to hurt. As great as the passion for riding a motorcycle is, the body needs a break. Motorcycle seat pads offer a quick, affordable and comfortable solution to this problem. They protect your back, ensure a firm fit and considerably increase the sitting comfort on the bike. So with seat bench cushions you will find an easy way to counteract the pain that lasts for days, reduce discomfort and enjoy the ride from start to finish comfortably.

With the air cushion Air ML, the Tourtecs brand offers a clean and high-quality product with quality and comfort. The seat cushion in size ML has individual, interconnected air cells that transfer the air between the chambers. This distributes the body weight optimally and evenly on the seat cushion when driving and counteracts the generation of punctual pressure. In addition, this air filling is variable, as the cushion is filled by simply inflating it. The air cushion has an optimum thickness of 4 cm. This ensures the comfort effect without increasing the seat height significantly and contact with the machine is maintained. The seat cushion absorbs additional vibrations and shocks. These are only transmitted to the driver to a reduced extent, which optimises the considerable sitting comfort especially on longer tours. This also prevents numbness and circulatory problems in bikers. The quality of the Tourtecs Comfort Bench Air ML ensures a firm fit thanks to its anti-slip coating. So saddle slides are a thing of the past! Made of resistant polyurethane, the air cushion reduces Tourtec's body heat and moisture build-up.

  • Seat cushion with variable air filling
  • Even weight distribution
  • Significantly increases sitting comfort
  • For driver and passenger seats
  • Low seat increase thanks to cushion thickness of 4 cm
  • Absorbs vibrations and shocks
  • Repels body heat and moisture build-up
  • With anti-slip coating for stable grip
  • Easy filling by inflation
  • Suitable for all motorcycle types
  • Made of resistant polyurethane
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 38,5 x 36,5 x 4 cm

Make uncomfortable motorcycle seat cushions comfortable again? With the air cushion Air ML from Tourtecs, comfort is no longer a problem, even on long tours. You can use the comfort cushion flexibly for the benches of all motorcycle types (Roadster, Tourer, Athlete, Adventure, Chopper, Enduro, Cross). Due to its size, it is suitable for both the rider's seat and the passenger's seat.


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Motorbike Air cushion Tourtecs Air ML Comfort seat cushion in black

Top article as described
Top article as described.
It fits perfectly very well
Hallo hab mir das Tel für meine Versys 1000 gekauft weil ich im Sommer immer 3000-4000 km im Urlaub fahre hab heute die erste Fahrt gemacht von der idee ist das nicht schlecht nur der Bezug ist viel zu groß und der Sitzbezug ist zu glatt beim Bremsen rutscht man nach vorn vom Fahrgefühl man gewöhnt sich dran . Mein Fazit ist noch nicht ausgereift für Kurzstrecken nicht geeignet werde es für lange Strecken mal testen


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